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About Bello Opal

Bello Opal is a polymer-impregnated synthetic opal which is lab created by Kyocera in Japan.   Just like natural opal, Bello Opal is composed primarily of submicroscopic spheres of silica (80%) which refract light and create the awe-inspiring visual effect of opalescence.  Bello Opal is then impregnated with polymer.  This stabilizes the stone, giving it greater durability and allowing Kyocera to control factors such as color and translucence.  As a result, Bello Opal has become highly sought after in the jewelry market.  It can be crushed and used for inlay work, or cut from a solid slab and made into almost any shape desired.  With Bello Opal you know you're always getting a high quality piece of jewelry.

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